9 Things Realtors Can Learn from Spring – Part 3

So, farewell then British Summer TimeToday is the final part of the 9 Things Realtors can learn from spring.

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7. April Showings Bring Mayflowers – Remember those old moving trucks that you used to see all around the United States as a child? Well, this little play on words from the old cliché “April showers bring May flowers” is so true in our business. Properly pricing homes when all of the buyers will be hitting the streets is critical to your Sellers being able to secure the energy and exposure needed to result in a sale of their home.

We all need to be careful that people don’t think that just because our inventory is at levels for below a few years ago that prices have shot up 25 or 30%. Sellers who price there homes at or slightly below fair market value will have a much better chance of the buyers seeing a perception of value and making an offer than those who overprice their homes in hopes of a Buyer feeling generous. Make sure you brush up on your market research as well as your dialogues to get those listings priced right from day one.

My Bracket8. March Madness – It’s considered by many sports fans to be the greatest event all year. Even those who don’t love to watch basketball enjoy the thrill of rooting for the underdog or Cinderella story and filling out their brackets during the Men’s (or Women’s) NCAA Basketball Tournament. 

The neat thing about the field of 68 is that once you’re in the “Big Dance” you have as much chance of winning as the next guy. The team that can find a way to play their best and outscore their opponents 6 games in a row will be cutting down the nets in April and calling themselves “Champs.”

How will you react when you miss a shot? Knowing you can get knocked out of the tournament at any time, will you dive for those loose balls and fight for the rebounds? Now isn’t the time to be a lone wolf, it’s probably best to heed the advice and encouragement of your coach or manager.

Can your teammates count on you? Sure, you might be an independent contractor but do you have a team of professionals who help you every day? How much teamwork do you provide to you lenders, appraisers, inspectors, title representatives and others who help get your deals to the end? Do your fellow agents appreciate and enjoy working with you?

Can you count on your teammates? When you take that new listing, will the agents in your community bring their buyers through? Are you getting the text or email when your fellow agent takes a listing as a courtesy “heads up” because they know you might have a buyer it would be perfect for? Ever had to borrow a SuperKey when you forgot to update yours? How about needing a hand with an urgent contract issue while you’re getting ready to board a plane for vacation?

Sean & Ryan at Clippers gameThe neat part about watching March Madness is learning the stories behind many of the lesser known schools and coaches who found a way to succeed as a team. It’s rarely one player that cuts down the nets, it’s an entire team. Will this year be the year you get your “one shining moment”? 

9. Catch Spring Fever – Put away those Kleenexes and get ready for a fun sickness. This is a time of new beginning and lots of possibility. Grab a dandelion from your front yard and take a deep breath. What will you wish for in 2013? 

Cool down by attaching your garden hose that has been curled up in the corner of the cold garage and connect the sprinkler or wash your car in the driveway.

Change out those storm windows with the screens that will let the fresh air in and allow you to hear the birds singing their new song.  Get up on the ladder and clean out the dead leaves from the gutters so the spring rains can wash away winter’s pallor. 

Spring is upon us so put away those winter coats, pack up the sweaters and the long underwear.

Based on everything we’ve seen so far, the future is looking bright. Better grab your sunglasses.


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