• Sean did a great job presenting information in a way that we connected to. The varied teaching and tech tools including the videos, slides & NAR research really helped to reinforce the information and concepts being offered.  Using the workbook that Sean provided also helped me to retain the information and makes a great reference guide. Oh… love the “CarpArt” too! – John Mangas, ReMax Preferred, Toledo


  • “You really hit one out of the park with your Realtor’s Tool Box presentation. You left this office buzzing. Everyone, including me, walked away with lots of great ideas. You have such a wonderful reputation but this was my first time seeing you in action. I think you are an excellent trainer and presenter. Your material was so creative and your delivery was terrific. I am very glad to see you leading this company’s training initiatives. Thanks again for …delivering a program with such impact.” – Linda Wasson, CBWS Hyde Park


  • “I attended your Realtor’s Tool Box Session in Orlando. I wanted to thank you for a great session. I personally felt that it was one of the best and most comprehensive sessions I have attended in 11 years of owning and managing a real estate company. You really broke down the real estate business to the integral parts.” – John Huggins, President & CEO, Coldwell Banker Legacy


  • Thank you so much for coming to Toledo, Ohio last week and presiding over our CE class; Social Media Marketing. By far, BEST C.E. EVER! The content was relevant, interesting and the delivery was exceptional! Sean has an incredible grasp of both and showed me a better way to use them to my advantage in the market. Use today’s technology to gain information and to develop your craft, but leverage your personal touch to make it real. Use social media to gain knowledge about your clients and leads, but in the end, people still deal with people and will respond positively when you treat them the way they probably aren’t accustomed to any longer. Use manors. Be polite. Listen, listen, listen to what they say and don’t say. Build a relationship by being memorable. In other words, make yourself “blog worthy” so your clients will become friends and your friends will become clients. In other words, be a Fred! – Eddie Campos, Remax Preferred


  • “What an outstanding presentation.  I’ve enjoyed a 20-year relationship with Coldwell Banker West Shell and have attended many courses and your presentation was one of the most informative and enjoyable.  Your fresh ideas are definitely welcomed and I hope to be able to successfully use some of them.  Please provide me with some of the information that you indicated that you could provide for me to start to work at improving my career.  Again, thank you.  It was great!” – Paul Swisshelm, CBWS Montgomery


  • “Sean’s energy and ability is displayed in everything that he does. As the Director of Training, I have personally witnessed the difference Sean has made within the Ohio NRT Companies, as well as each of the Associates whom he has trained. He cares about the development of everyone whom he comes in contact with, and has become a trusted LEADER in the real estate industry, as well as one of the best presenters in the business.” –  Michael Mahon, Business Development Vice President, NRT Ohio Tri-State Region


  • “Sean brings huge energy and expertise to his position as Director of Training for Coldwell Banker NRT in Ohio. I have worked with many real estate trainers across the country and the events Sean put together are the most organized and thorough, helping his agents and audience achieve the highest level of comprehension. His energy makes him someone that you want to work with and is easily engaged. He is constantly pushing himself to say educated about the latest trends and tools in his industry, which makes his content as a trainer dynamic. I highly would highly recommend the opportunity to work with Sean, given the chance.” – Sara Leonard Bonert, Partner Relations Manager, Zillow.com


  • Sean Carpenter’s teaching style and relevant, actionable material make his classes a MUST GO whenever possible. Sean engages his class with stories, examples, and how-to’s that make the most difficult tasks easy. Sean’s mentality and approach to teaching are truly world-class making him a one of a kind instructor. – Chris Wolniewicz, Digital Marketing Manager, ReMax Toledo


  • “Sean in an innovative trainer and a great speaker in his own right. He connects with all of his associates and his energy results in the “can do” attitude that creates results at his award winning company. Check out their website, their team, and their associates. Sean is able to bring his company all the best training to make sure they stay the leaders in their field. Ask him questions; he is always ready to share.” – Amy Chorew, National Technology & Marketing Speaker and Consultant, Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate


  • “Sean is an amazing trainer and presenter. He gets people excited about real estate and excited about taking their own business to the next level. I am not someone who likes sitting through training classes, but I will seek out and attend classes to attend when I find out that Sean is going to be the teacher or a presenter. He is positive, funny and can make any dull topic exciting and FUN!” – Paula Gilmour, Realtor, Coldwell Banker King Thompson Realtors


  • “Sean is one of the most talented, forward-thinking, innovative and inspiring individuals that I have ever had the privilege of working with. He constantly challenges himself to get better, is tireless in his pursuit of creativity and genuinely cares about his co-workers, his family and himself. He takes pride in a job well done, has an intensity that drives others to improve, and is truly a rare talent at the international level. Also a talented public speaker, Sean has the ability to take complex subject matter and adapt it to the audience, and deliver the content with passion, sincerity, and caring. Our company is better because of Sean’s work. I am better because of Sean’s work.” – Jim Stevenson, VP Marketing, NRT, Inc.

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