School is Back in Session

Monday Morning Match is a quick post – maybe a quote, inspirational story or idea – intended to spark some motivation inside each of you so your week gets off to a fantastic start on Monday morning.

The winter break is over and the holiday decorations and light should be packed away. It’s the start of the new year which means it’s time for the kids to go back to school. That’s the perfect time for all salespeople to get back to the basics and return to school as well. Regardless of when and where you’ll be continuing your eduction, there are certainly lots of ways to learn.

Old School

All the techniques and strategies that savvy, experienced agents might call “old school” activities still work. Being active in your community, your church or house of worship, your neighborhood is critical. Connecting with people through your local charities, schools and clubs will never be a bad idea. Earning top of mind awareness with people at the gym, hair salon or barber shop and local pubs is the way you earn business by simply being engaged in things you are already doing every day.

New School

Technology and social media are not exclusive to the millennials. How are you leveraging the digital tools that are available to salespeople like websites, video, and social channels? Do you have a content calendar to make sure you’re posting relevant, timely information and valuable updates for your connections and community? My good friend and fellow trainer/speaker/consultant Katie Lance from Pleasanton, California helps agents and brokerages all over the country with their social media and digital strategies and her Content Grid is one of the best I’ve seen.  It really demonstrates how to diversify your social voice and makes the process for efficient and easier to maintain.

If you’re not following Katie on her various social channels, you should be. She helps make sure that the “new school” agents are earning good grades.

Saturday School

Back when I went to school if you had to attend class on Saturday, it usually meant you were in trouble for something. Of course, when you mention “Saturday School” to most Boomers or Gen X’ers like me and the first thing that comes to mind is The Breakfast Club, the classic movie from the late John Hughes. (Here’s a Carp’s Corner post I wrote 2 years ago about my version of The Breakfast Club for Realtors)

So what’s up with Saturday school for Realtors?  When it comes to building up your business this year, buckling down and focusing on using Saturday’s to either lead generate through phone calls or door knocking or social media connections or show houses is the right approach. Why? A large majority of the general public is off on weekends so it becomes the perfect time to catch people at home, perhaps more willing to talk because they aren’t worried about work. Scheduling your buyer tours, home inspections and listing appointments on Saturday will help get in sync with many of your Buyers and Sellers.

Sunday School

When I was little, Sunday Mass was followed by Sunday School. It usually involved some bible lessons, creative activities, and snacks with other kids my age. These days, at least where I live, Sunday afternoons means Open Houses. While some agents don’t like spending their time sitting Open Houses, they still remain one of the best ways to meet potential clients, learn the market and feel more comfortable handling questions and concerns from the public.

Night School 

Is your day filled with obligations and other commitments? Do you find yourself needing some time to keep paperwork and files updated and complete? Do your daily efforts to prospect for new business simply get away from you when the sun is shining? Maybe you need to work a few evenings into your plans to make sure the business development gets done instead of just the business support because, without the former, you won’t need to worry about the latter.

Independent Study

Do you still have some open slots on your schedule? Maybe consider signing up for some online CE classes to stay caught up on your state requirements or enroll in a webinar series that could help add some skills or value to your portfolio this year.  Even if you’re just surfing sites like YouTube, there are some amazing videos of classes, presentations or speeches that would be worth your time.

Well? What’s your schedule look like for this upcoming semester? Are you giving yourself a full course-load or will you take it easy, filling your day with blowoff classes and downtime? Are you looking to graduate early or make the Dean’s List?

Whatever you choose, sharpen your pencils and get ready to take some good notes.  Listen, write, review. Unlike back when you were a student everything that life teaches you will be on the test. I hope you’re prepared.

The bell just rang. It’s time to build relationships, solve problems, and have fun. Good luck. School is now in session.


Photo Credit:  Element5 Digital


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