The ABC’s of Choosing Sides

Monday Morning Match is a quick post – maybe a quote, inspirational story or idea – intended to spark some motivation inside each of you so your week gets off to a fantastic start on Monday morning.

Either or, neither nor. Hot or cold. Up or down. Left or Right.  Android or iPhone. The Today Show or Good Morning America. or Zillow. Tastes great or less filling.

Our world today is filled with options, isn’t it? Choices we make throughout the day can have a great impact on our future while other choices simply don’t matter much at all.  Yet it seems there are an awful lot of people choosing naughty over nice and Santa isn’t the only one who’s seeing it.  Our recent Presidential Election here in the United States is just one place where people had to choose a side and even though it’s over, most people are realizing that the result of those choices probably won’t be “over” for a very long time.

But this post isn’t designed to be political, it’s designed to be personal. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of politics, sports, economics, fashion, entertainment, technology, spirituality and so much more, making choices is part of our everyday landscape.  I just want you to think long and hard before making a choice and try to choose wisely.

Instead of apathy, choose appreciation.

Why blame when you could show benevolence?

Rather than crying over something that didn’t go your way, spend your time, efforts and money trying to collaborate with others to make things better.

Some people are always quick to disagree with others without first having a healthy two-sided discussion.

Get focused

Less ego; more empathy.

Don’t get lost in the fog, get focused on what is in front of you.

The gang mentality doesn’t have nearly the positive effect as a group effort.

Rely less on histrionics, and instead exude humility.

Imagine what might happen if you weren’t always so impatient.

Forget jealousy. Find more joy.

Put away the knives and put down the knuckles. Quit trying to kick others when they are down and instead, kill ’em with kindness.

Less loathing, more loving.

Before you criticize other people’s mistakes, first look in the mirror.

Why be negative when you can be nice?



Stop raising objections just because someone has a differing opinion. Turns out when you’re open-minded about things, there are a lot of opportunities.

Personal attacks don’t help the situation. Start by taking personal accountability.

Don’t be too quick to question people’s qualifications. Sometimes remaining quiet allows the quality to rise to the top.

Avoid regret over something you said or did by taking responsibility for your actions.


Sean and his Nice Guy friend, Doug Sandler

There is a fine line between slander and Sandler. The former is a civil wrong and can be the basis for a lawsuit while the latter (Doug Sandler) is a great friend of mine and author of the book Nice Guys Finish First as well as co-host of one of my favorite podcasts – The Nice Guys on Business.


There are always two sides to almost every argument (see: us vs. them, Liberals vs. Conservatives, wrong vs. right). Maybe if we tried more teamwork and worked together instead of working against the other team, we might have more victories?

It’s unfortunate when people don’t try to understand where someone else is coming from. Don’t be ugly and assume when people don’t see things the same way as you that they are uneducated.

Increasing the volume won’t changes people’s views. Appreciate other voices and the value they can bring to the conversation.

When something is said, before you claim it as wisdom or wage war, ask who said it and be sure you understand exactly what was said.

Stop making eXcuses for things and start using your x-ray vision to see what’s inside people instead of focusing on their outside characteristics like color, uniform or title.

Yesterday is the past. How can you impact the year ahead?

Zip your lip if you don’t have something nice to say. Instead, live with zest and smile more.

I hope you choose to build relationships, solve problems and have fun this week. Do those things each day and everyone will be on your side anyway.


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