Every Sales Team Needs a New Puppy

My older brother Jot brought his new puppy over this afternoon. Casey, a purebred golden retriever is the newest addition to the Carpenter family menagerie which has always been a traditionally dog-friendly environment.

As young Casey entered our house on a short visit to meet our yellow labrador Callie, there was lots of sniffing and scurrying about to get all the scents and sensations of the house before she could really feel comfortable. On the other side of the equation, Callie was the host dog so she had a territory to protect. She wasn’t going to let the cute, new, fluffy family member just make herself at home. She needed to demonstrate a position of authority and awe.

Toy Baskets & Taking Control

Casey was a typical puppy – fearless and full of energy. She ran from room to room and walked to every toy basket in the house. She stuck her furry little snout everywhere and grabbed every squeaky toy, bone or stuffed animal that Callie has acquired over the years. The funny thing was almost every toy that Casey grabbed, Callie hadn’t played with in years…but as soon as Casey showed interest, suddenly the 3-year-old Lab was jealous of the new guest playing with a toy that was back on her “must-play-with” top 5. A 16-week old puppy decides to take a toy or treat into her mouth and Callie quickly finds it worth her time? Take note everyone.

New Agents are the “Puppies” of Your Office

Fresh off passing their real estate license test, what do most new Realtors do? Anything you tell them to do! They make phone calls. They hold open houses. They hand write notes. They knock on doors. They subscribe to blogs and submit to online portals for leads.

In other words, they play with the awesome toys that are always in the toy box that seem to squeak, fetch and bounce every time, yet the old dogs are already bored with them.  The veteran dogs are bored with them because they think they don’t work anymore. Most veteran dogs are looking for the newest tool that works with the least amount of effort.

The calls aren’t answered. The open houses only yield nosy neighbors. No one answers the door when knocking. Experienced Realtors give up on those “toys” and figure they don’t work and wait until the fun..or treats are put right into our mouths by the lazy master? They basically give up on the “toys” that work, have always worked and will always work.

You know why Casey the Puppy comes in with excitement and enthusiasm? She expects everything she tries to work. She doesn’t know any different. She’ll grab a toy and bite it with all her might. If it doesn’t squeak, she won’t look at the humans to see if it’s broken. She’ll just realize it isn’t that type of toy and instead try to rip it apart. If it doesn’t rip, she’ll try to chew it. If it’s not chewy, she’ll move on. No time to waste…there are so many toys that aren’t being used, she can clearly find something that will fill her needs. Something that will satisfy her desire. Something that will help her achieve her goals.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?

If you have too many old “dogs” in your office that aren’t running around with enthusiasm and excitement, maybe you shouldn’t be surprised that there isn’t a whole lot of barks of excitement. Plenty of dogs who simply lie around and don’t have added discipline are great pets and offer lots of love, never causing problems for their owners and communities. The question is, will they ever earn the “best in show” designation we’re all striving for? Will the laid back, “stay out of trouble” attitude serve you well or stifle your growth…or just add some hair to the lint bin of your furnace filter?

Don’t settle for an office waiting to “get their treat” for sitting still. Instead, build your company and office around the enthusiasm and excitement of family members who will be loyal, loving and looking for the old toys in the basket that still work every time.

Turns out that once the new “pups” start playing with those “old” toys, all the “old” dogs will suddenly remember how much fun they are.




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