Don’t Stop Now, You’re On a Roll

Monday Morning Match is a quick post – maybe a quote, inspirational story or idea – intended to spark some motivation inside each of you so your week gets off to a fantastic start on Monday morning.

How was your Christmas?

Did you gather with family to watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “A Christmas Story” like you do every year?

Did you bake the same cookies again this year that you made the year before and the year before that? Has the recipe been passed down through the family so long that you wouldn’t think of breaking the tradition now?

Do you open stockings before or after the gifts under the tree?

Did you vow to get your shopping down before Christmas Eve next year…just like you vowed last year?

Traditions and other activities we do over and over aren’t just a cultural or family phenomenon. They make us feel safe, they add comfort where there can be anxiety and the often give us pride. Doing something once is a stand-alone event but doing it two days in a row begins a streak.

Streaks, Repetition & Traditions Don’t Have to Be Only for Holidays 

I have been using the Headspace app to meditate for ten minutes each day and I know that seeing my “days in a row” count grow drives my competitive nature. As of this writing, I am at 41 days in a row. I will find time each day to find my focus and it’s easier if I do it first thing when I wake up. Thinking of starting over at “zero” now would be tough to do.

This is my 331st Monday in a row publishing a Monday Morning Match. It’s easier to keep going than it would be to stop at this point. I truly believe that some of you reading this have come to expect a new blog post on your server or in your mailbox every Monday morning to kick off your week.  I know it’s part of my weekly routine and helps hold me accountable to my blog and consistent for my readers.

What might happen to your business if you started a new streak today? This week? This month?

One phone call a day to a client? Ten handwritten notes a week? Two open houses held each month? Three appointments scheduled each week? Taking Wednesday mornings off and having breakfast with a loved one? Volunteering day every quarter? Building relationships, solving problems and having fun every day?

Managers – One recruiting interview with a new agent each week? One lunch with an experienced agent every month? A personal note left in one of your agent’s mailboxes every Tuesday? Hold a training class every Thursday of the year but Thanksgiving? A weekly staff meeting to stay in tune with the “comings and goings”?

Getting started on a new streak is easy. Staying dedicated and focused takes effort but once you make it a habit, it happens without thinking about it.

It’s stopping the streak that will make you think.



Photo Credit: John Trainor via Flickr



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