Better Days Ahead

IMG_9029Monday Morning Match is a quick post – maybe a quote, inspirational story or idea – intended to spark some motivation inside each of you so your week gets off to a fantastic start on Monday morning.

One week. Seven days. Each one carries their own stereotypical imagery. Wednesday is the “hump day” that gets us headed towards the weekend, and we can all thank God it’s Friday, right? Tuesdays and Thursdays don’t get as much publicity as the weekend days but none are as poorly looked upon as Mondays. People seem to hate Mondays.

Perhaps it’s just in how we look at each day and maybe all that’s needed is a change of name? How about for this week ahead we simply adjust our perspective.

Monday becomes “Fun Day” – Look forward to the day that will kick off your week. Who doesn’t get excited about an opportunity to get out and build relationships, solve problems and have fun? Who knows how many lives you’ll have a chance to impact in a positive way in the days ahead? Don’t dread the start of your week; seize it with excitement and wonderment the way an artist sees a blank canvas and a clean set of brushes.

Tuesday is now “Choose Day” – Focus on all the amazing choices you get to make. It all starts when you wake up by asking yourself, “Is today going to be a great day or a great day?” Will the day be filled with handshakes or high fives?Connect with customers on Facebook or Twitter? Focus on FSBO’s or Expireds? Reach out via eMail or telephone? Work late or home early? Wish you were awesome or be awesome? Choose wisely.

Wednesday is now “Friends Day” – Today is all about your sphere of influence. Schedule a breakfast meeting with someone from your bullseye. Connect with some of your best friends from high school, college or a previous career. Jump on the social networks and say hello to a bunch of your connections either on their wall or in a private message. Choose 5 people to send a personal text to…just to say hello. Set a lunch date or meet people at Happy Hour. Remember, this business is and always will be a relationships business.

Thursday shall be replaced with “Yours Days” – It’s all about doing what you want. Use it as a catch up day so you can head into the weekend free of leftover stuff on your “to do list.” Make sure your schedule is set and then own it, doing things on purpose, instead of allowing outsiders to dictate what you do and when you do it.

Friday will be “Hi Day” – This is a connection day where you focus on putting your name and brand back at the “top of mind” of everyone you meet. Contact 5 people via telephone, text and social media to “just say hi” and then seek out 5 or more people to greet face-to-face throughout your day.

Saturday is now “Matter Day” – Use this typical weekend day to do what matters most to you. That might mean sleeping in and enjoying a quiet breakfast at home, or maybe getting out on the golf course for an early tee time. Maybe you need to get your oil changed or finish that “honey-do” list or will you be showing homes or catching up on business support things that you didn’t get to during the week. Make this a day that you don’t look back at and regret anything you did.

Sunday is “Preparation Day” (Say it quickly – ‘prep-a-ray-shunday) – Some people look at Sunday as the end of the weekend while others see it as the starting point of the new week. Whether it’s the conclusion of your 7-day run or the commencement of the week ahead, how you approach this day will have an impact. Use it to rest, recover and write a plan for the next week. Where will you be? Who are you going to meet with? Where are the opportunities ahead? When will you focus on business development activities and when will you do your business support?

On this day…whatever you call it, how will you build relationships, solve problems and have fun?




One Response to Better Days Ahead
  1. Margaret Mary Davis
    April 19, 2016 | 2:42 pm

    What a great concept to adopt!! Shift your paradigm to a more personally positive slant. We have to face a new week, every, single week….why not try this?! It certainly can’t hurt, and who knows…it might even improve your productivity! You’ve got nothing to lose! Excellent read!!