It’s Not a Bother

Have you ever had someone say to you “I didn’t want to bother you”? Have you ever had a conversation with someone and they seemed so uneasy bringing up a very important topic that they either ignored it or made it so insignificant that it didn’t even hit your radar?

This is a message to everyone who felt like they didn’t want to bother someone.

To everyone who didn’t know if it was a big enough issue to involve your friends, local connections or family members.

I am talking directly to those people who don’t want to “impose” on the people they have come to know, like and trust…

Wake us up. Ask us a question. Interrupt us. Be a bother. 

Once we shake the sleep out of our eyes and realize that the person we are chatting with is someone from our inner circle, the rules change. You have earned the right to interrupt our family time. Your friendship means more to us than the sporting event we are watching. Your spot in the “inner circle” comes more from years of building relationships, solving problems and having fun than it does from being a subscriber, member or random connection.

I want to know when you are having an argument with your spouse or loved one. I want to know when your client yells at you. Your daughter or son is struggling in school? Tell me about it. I want to hear about the issues in your life that is stopping you from moving forward at full steam.

I want to know what is holding you back from being awesome!!!


I don’t care whether you are a new subscriber or one of the first people who has followed this blog, I mean what I say. If you have something facing you that seems like a big deal, talk to someone. Talk to me!!! Maybe you need to talk to  your spouse, your partner, your parent or someone else. Just talk to someone.

Share your excitement. Share your fears. Share your ideas. Share your tips.

Whatever happens….talk to someone.

I promise I’ll do my best not to judge…or critique…or challenge. My guess is that’s what any friend would do.

Trust me…it’s not a bother.

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