Different Perspectives Photo WalkIt’s always about perspective.

Most of the country has been experiencing artic low temperatures. As the mercury in thermometers hits the low 40’s today, people are celebrating and shedding coats, acting as if Spring has sprung. In about 8 months when the temps drop into the low 40’s, we’ll be layering up with sweaters and blankets and tossing another log on the fire asking “where did Summer go?”

One family will celebrate the birth of a child today while someone will get the news of a loved one who just died.

Many people will leave a half-eaten plate of food today while someone somewhere will be lucky to eat anything.

Someone will sleep beside a loved one in a warm bed tonight while their children will be dozing peacefully down the hall. At the same time, someone will be sleeping under a bridge or in a dumpster.

Some people have huge houses, drive beautiful cars and wear fancy clothes. None of those things determine the love they give and receive from others.

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from”

– Seth Godin

On Sunday, one team’s fan base will celebrate a Super Bowl XLVIII win and another team will commiserate a Super Bowl loss. At that moment, there will be 30 fan bases that would have traded that option with either of them.

Remember that for every victory there might be a loss. For every high, there might be a low.

You could choose to build relationships or try to succeed alone.

Choose to solve problems instead of standing back, pointing fingers and complaining.

And why would anyone choose the alternative to having fun?

Step back and put life in perspective. It may just help you focus a little more on what’s important.

photo by: tommarsh

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