It Even Rains in Hawaii Sometimes

Most people are “glass half full” types. They look for the positives in everything they do. Family, work, health and finances are always approached with a “we can make it work” attitude.

I have the pleasure of getting to interact with a lot of people in my personal life, my business life and in the digital realms of Facebook & Twitter. I would say that 85% of the time I get to see and hear about the good things that are happening out in the world.

Life though, has a way of keeping us all honest. It’s never all “sunshine and unicorns, is it? A check bounces here, a water heater stops working there. An illness comes at the most inopportune time or our relationships face one of the many proverbial “road bumps” we were warned about. In real estate, for every new listing that receives multiple offers on the first day or the cash buyer who closes in 2 weeks, there’s probably a Seller you represent that found out they have mold and termites, right before the appraisal is cut or the young couple who is notified by the lender 48 hours before closing that the unpaid college loans they neglected to disclose might be an issue with loan approval.

When I hear someone down in the dumps about something, I try to share some positive energy. When I’m feeling beat up, I know I can find someone to help me remember how blessed I am.

Hawaiian Punch

Most people would agree that the islands of Hawaii are a little slice of heaven. A tropical paradise of sun and sand, the 50th state is looked at as one of the truly perfect places on Earth. But did you know that Hawaii averages almost 64 inches of rain each year? Mt Waialeale averages an amazing 460 inches of rain each year. That’s 400 more inches than Seattle got last year! So as beautiful as it is in the Aloha State, it’s not always sunny and perfect.

I guess you can spend your time sulking or complaining or wailing out “woe is me,” or you could just realize that it’s more enjoyable to focus on the good things that are happening in your life. It’s a cliché but it’s not what happens that’s important, it’s how you react to what happens that will determine whether you succeed or not.

The people we have in our lives want us to succeed. The more successful people we have in our lives, the more successful our own lives will be. So if someone in your life is being challenged, reach out and offer a hand, or an ear or just a smile. And if you’re the one under the cloud, don’t be afraid to look up. There are plenty of people out there who will help get your through the storm.

If you spend your day building relationships, solving problems and having fun,Double Rainbow any rain in the forecast won’t last very long.

But remember what they say in Hawaii…

No rain; No rainbows.

One Response to It Even Rains in Hawaii Sometimes
  1. Rosemary Buerger
    January 9, 2014 | 3:38 am

    Sean such a wonderful blog post. What a great reminder that rain does indeed bring rainbows. You always have an encouraging word for everyone you know. So thankful to know you and look forward to ICNY