Making People Believe

063The anticipation of the day begins well in advance. People have to make their lists and then make sure everything on that list is checked off. Sometimes they’ll even check it twice.

When it finally arrives it comes in with such a flourish that everyone is usually exhausted and, at the same time, excited to sit back and experience it in their own way. It’s especially neat if it’s someones first time getting to see what the magic is all about.

Everyone appears happy and seems to have gotten just what they wanted…or close to it. You followed instructions and everything worked the way it was supposed to. There are no leftover parts or pieces laying around.

The build up was worth it. Expectations have been met and in many cases, surpassed.

Now the calendar flips and everyone starts looking ahead to something else. It’s time to start unboxing things to start using them or boxing some things back up for next time. It depends on which side you’re on.

The truly magical part of the day is that it wasn’t about what you received, it was all about the giving. The joy you saw on people’s faces is something you’ll always remember. It was about those you love…or serve.

There’s only one Christmas Day.

There’s also only one closing day.

What will you do to insure that your clients feel joy and excitement when that day arrives? That they laugh and they smile throughout the day?

Closing day is your chance to be Santa Claus and if you can deliver a magical experience on closing day, imagine how many people will believe in you then?



Photo Credit: Cherie Durbin via Creative Commons


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