You’re Seated In an Exit Row

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I was traveling today.

Unless you’re headed to a vacation in an exotic location or heading home to see the family after an extended business trip, it usually is not an overly pleasant experience. Passing through security, airport congestion, overpriced beers, the boarding process, gate checking baggage. Ugh!

On one of my flights I ended up in seat 8A. It was in the exit row which meant I had a little more leg room. It also came with a huge amount of responsibility.

Can I have your attention,” asked the flight attendant. “Do you know you’re seated in an exit row?”

There were approximately 50 other passengers on that flight and in the event of any type of in-flight emergency, I (along with 3 other total strangers) was being given the responsibility of helping them in the event of an emergency.

Now really, how often does the “Exit Row Crew” get called into action? Probably less than 1% of all the flights in the world. Maybe it’s .001%?  Oh sure, we still remember those passengers standing on the wing of the flight that landed in the Hudson River piloted by Captain Sullenberger and there was also that flight this summer that crash landed in San Francisco where people were forced to evacuate. But it’s a rare occurrence.

Still, it’s something you have to think about and take very seriously before you put in your headphones and doze off to sleep.

Are You Ready for the Responsibility? 

You never really know when you’ll be called on to help someone, do you?

You’re always waiting for that next referral from a client or member of your sphere. You just can’t (or shouldn’t) count on those referrals happening today or tomorrow. Or even next week. You had better be diligent about your daily business development activities the way the major airlines are about maintenance and safety insuring that the “Exit Row Crew” don’t have much to do.

You just better be ready when those unexpected referrals or client calls do occur. There are lots of people counting on you to help them.

Think about it.

Ready & willing is one thing. Expecting & prepared is another.

Its time to build relationships, solve problems & have fun.

For now though…sit back, relax and enjoy your flight.


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