Bringing a Relationship to Life

My friend Michael McClure always talks about “meeting old friends for the very first time.” Thanks to social media creating real relationships between people who might live miles, states or continents away from each other, when those people have a chance to connect at a conference or while visiting a city, it can be a relaxed yet magical meet up.

You’ve never met them in real life but when it finally happens, you feel like you already know each other thanks to stories, avatars, shared photos and common interests and friends.

My friend Matthew Ferrara always talks about the power of video to better tell our story. The use of video is a simple, effective way that people can truly “see” something through their television, computer screen, tablet or smart phone and feel closer to it, better understand it or share it with others. Video can carry or convey so much more emotion than text in an email or on a blog post.

And then I saw this video below. It comes from the folks at Skype and it completely captures the essence of what both Michael and Matthew have been saying for years. (Click here if you don’t see the video)

If you’re not connected to Michael & Matthew, please give them a follow on Twitter or Facebook. Or even go “old school” and meet up with them and shake their hand at your next common event.

Who knows? You just might build a relationship, solve a problem or have fun.



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