Can I See Your ID?

Can I see your ID?

One of the neat things about being a Realtor is our independence. We love to have the ability to do things our own way. It’s always a goal to be unique or different from all the others.

So when we do things the way we’ve always done it before or because someone “told us to do it that way,” be careful you’re not becoming an airport worker drone.

Nothing in Your Pockets

Not many people like the process we have to go through these days with the TSA when we travel but for the most part, these blue shirted employees are “just doing their job.” (Of course none of them ever seem to be ENJOYING their jobs but that’s a different blog post.)

Once you’re safely through security and have made it to your terminal for departure, you might have time to grab a drink and that’s where “doing your job” just turns stupid.

Bartenders & servers at the airport bars who ask to see every customers ID when they order a beer, wine or cocktail, while some people laugh and think is “flattering” is just a stupid protocol that is a waste of time – for the customer and the employee.

If the Square Peg is Now Round, Look for the Round Hole

Recently the TSA made a decision to start allowing passengers over age 75 to leave their shoes on. This makes sense to me. It keeps the lines moving and allows these older passengers to avoid having to go through the process of removing shoes and then putting them back on. Let’s admit it, in the history of air travel, not many septuagenarians have been profiled as terror threats.

So when will the food service providers finally “get it” that people who are clearly over the age of 60, let alone 40 or even 30, shouldn’t need to dig out ID just to follow a rule?

Take a quick peek at your systems. Do they make sense? Are you doing it for a reason or just because…

Just think about it.

Can you make your process better for your customers or clients?

Building relationships, solving problems & having fun is a great place to start.

At least that makes sense.


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