Polishing Up Your Profile

New and Improved

Lots of companies across numerous industries will be introducing a “new and improved” look and feel to their image, logo or appearance over the next several months. A “brand makeover” might mean a new tagline, jingle, color scheme or even a new logo.

It’s almost a certainty that many well-known companies and brands are going to unveil a new website or social media campaign in 2013.

So what about you? Are you taking a look in the mirror when it comes to your “brand” and how you look to customers and clients?

What Do My Prospects See?

I’m not talking about the real estate brand that you’re affiliated with. There are usually people who get paid to analyze and decide if and when a real estate brand will make any changes or introduce any national campaigns or systems. Picture it like this – the brand is like the local mall and that “big name” will bring people to the building. Once they come inside, each of the stores represent the agents within that company. Some of the agents have large teams and they might be like the anchor stores found in a mall. Others might be “part-time” agents who are like those seasonal kiosks that seem to come and go.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to be a huge anchor store to generate traffic to your place of business. Think of stores like Victoria’s Secret, Gymboree or Waldenbooks. They might not have the biggest physical structure in the mall but they usually have plenty of visitors.

“I’m Just Looking” 

When someone walks through your doorway, will they like what they see? Will there be product on the shelf? As they meander up and down the aisles or look at the displays, will they feel comfortable? How is your service and approach different from all of the other stores…not only in this mall (your company), but all the other malls in your town (your competition)?

Do you have the confidence and competence to answer questions, overcome concerns and ask for the business before they turn and head to the next store down the hallway?

Consumers will be looking on-line to learn about companies offering products and services they have a need or desire for in 2013 and that’s no different for real estate. They’ll use the Internet, review sites like Yelp! or Google, they’ll be looking for video testimonials on YouTube and you know they’ll be seeking help from their social networks. And just like you, they’ll be doing in primarily on their mobile device.

The product might be different  but the behavior rarely is.

When a consumer lands on your website or personal profile, what will they find?

Is it current and updated with a recent photo? Is all of your information accurate? Do you have a clear “call to action” on your site so visitors know what to do before clicking the red X in the upper right corner and looking elsewhere?

Here are some suggestions to think about if you’re ready to polish up your personal profile – both on-line and off.

  • Where were you born and raised? People seek common ground and familiarity with a geographic location can be a great “connector.”
  • Share your past employment, whether it relates to real estate or not.
  • How long did you work for your past employer? – This could show loyalty and dedication 
  • What signs of stability can you offer?
  • Do you have longevity in the area. Can people trust your “local knowledge”?
  • Personal interests including hobbies, sports, travel, languages, etc.
  • Any awards received or recognition for anything? Don’t just list a bunch of accolades but how these might help you provide a better experience for the reader.
  • Exciting places you have traveled to.
  • Have you been in a related industry? Building, legal, customer service?
  • Are you a member of any organizations?
  • How many children do you have? If you feel comfortable, share their names or ages. I know I am always a little more interested in someone if I find out they have a daughter named Riley or a son named Ryan.
  • How long have you been married? What is your spouse’s name and occupation?

What are some of the “features” you offer and how will they “benefit” someone who enlists your services?

  • Are you available 7 days a week? I’m not saying you have to be but once you decide your “hours of operation” make sure you share it with people.
  • Can people connect to you via mobile phone, voice mail, email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • You are a problem solver! Share examples of how you’ve helped others.
  • Tell them about the training you have received
  • Free pre-approvals using your mortgage affiliate (Good for buyers or sellers)
  • Do you have a concierge program or list of preferred suppliers?
  • Can you arrange for inspections?
  • How do you utilize email prospecting with your local MLS and how can that help your clients?
  • Do you love to assist with local knowledge  such as restaurants, activities, lodging, etc.?
  • Can you send them info. they may deem useful? I recommend offering to overnight this info. if necessary.

Remember…people want to do business with you the “person,” not just you the “real estate agent.”

What are you waiting for? We’re getting into the holiday shopping season and the malls will be getting very busy. It’s time to start making sure that people know that you’re the place they need to check out because you know how to build relationships, solve problems and have fun.


Photo Credit: Cliff1066 via Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Matski_98 via Creative Commons

5 Responses to Polishing Up Your Profile
  1. Heather Ostrom
    November 26, 2012 | 8:23 pm

    Great post Sean! So true and IT IS okay to personalize your profile with items past the affiliations and designations – I love your suggestions and how it creates connections. I can’t imagine not keeping profiles updated. It’s an important Spring cleaning task and worth every effort. 🙂

    • Doug Francis
      November 27, 2012 | 3:36 pm

      Heather ~ I suggest adding “California” some where near the top of your page. I’m going to make that change on my own site today!

  2. Doug Francis
    November 27, 2012 | 3:31 pm

    Good tip. I am always surprised when someone I am talking with mentions a fact that they could have only discovered reading my “about me” page on my web site (my name/link above links to that page).

    People love a story. They want to find a connection so putting a little effort (or life) into your profile page is essential for 2013. It might be the deciding factor for many consumers considering hiring you over the other guy!

    Google yourself right now ~ what did you find and how can you polish that content?

    • Sean
      November 29, 2012 | 9:32 pm

      Doug – Thanks for checkin in. I think every chance an agent gets to review his/her porfile, I’m guessing there will be something they can change or update.

      Good luck in 2013

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