Requirements vs. Expectations

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There’s a big difference between meeting expectations and fulfilling requirements.

In a career like real estate, most of those practicing are technically “independent contractors.” That’s basically just a fancy designation for tax purposes so brokerages don’t have to treat you as an employee as far as benefits, tax withholding and other “legal” ramifications.

Unless you are an employee, brokers cannot tell you what to do, when to show up and where you can or cannot practice (of course local rules and regulations may apply so be sure to check how it works in your market).

In  order to have a successful relationship between you and your broker, it would be wise to find out what might be required (if anything) and what will be expected.

While your schedule and level of service you provide remains a personal choice, there are just a few expectations I think everyone should try to meet or exceed if they are looking to provide memorable experiences for their clients and community.

Expectations of a Successful Realtor

Show Up – Real estate is a very difficult career to be successful in. It’s even harder to try on a part-time basis. Not only will it require you to show up physically – anywhere where you might have a chance to be with or in front of people – you also need to show up mentally. There will be plenty of times when you might be tired, distracted or not excited about what you’re doing but you owe it to the clients, co-workers, affiliates and vendors who you might be impacting in a transaction.

People will quickly see and feel your passion for what you do. Almost as quickly, they will sense your lack of it. What will you do to ensure that you are really there when you are there?

Try Your Best – From your earliest days of life until today, all you can really do is your best. You can’t control what happens beyond that so never give less than your best. People may not like the outcome of a situation but if they know you tried your best, you have a much better chance of finding another way to achieve the desired result. 

Attitude – Success in sales begins and ends with attitude. Heck, success in life begins and ends with attitude. Start each and every day with a positive attitude and if that isn’t possible, find a way to make it so. Exercise, prayer or seeking out people who inspire or can encourage are several ways to change your outlook.

Respect – Real estate is not a house business. Houses just happens to be the widget we work with.  Real estate, or any sales job for that matter is a people business. The people we get to work with and represent deserve and demand our respect.

We must respect the industry as a whole and do our best to understand and follow the Code of Ethics. 

We should respect people’s privacy and personal property.

We should respect people’s cultures, religions and beliefs.

We should certainly respect ourselves knowing that our appearance, demeanor, marketing and service level reflects upon us, our family and our brokerage.

We must respect the position of authority and trust we are given when we choose to work with our clients.

Will You Exceed Expectations?

While you are not required to do any of these things, if you Show up, Try your best, maintain a great Attitude and Respect the business and those in it, I have no doubts that you will be a S.T.A.R.

Have a great week building relationships, solving problems and having fun.

I expect nothing less.


Photo Credit: Derek Gavey via Creative Commons

Photo Credit: Roland via Creative Commons


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