There’s More Business Coming – You Can “Count” On It

AP Photo/Sesame Workshop, Gil Vaknin

Did you know that Jerry Nelson, voice of Sesame Street’s Count Von Count, died last week. Many of us might have learned our numbers from “The Count” or listened in from the kitchen as our kids counted along with the characters on the happiest street in the world. 

In honor of the late Jerry Nelson, here’s some numbers for you to consider from the local Columbus Board of Realtors MLS as of this morning.  You might want to run the same report for your local market by searching for closed units since January 1st, 2012.They just might help you get focused on the next 124 days of the year. 

  • There have been 14,372sold properties in the CBR MLS  
  • That equates to 28,744 closed “sides” – one buyer side for every seller side. 
  • That means there was the potential for 28,744 commissions paid on each of those sides. 
  • The first 241 days of 2012 averaged 119 closed sides each day. 
  • Based on that same pace, there are 14,847 commission checks still to be paid to someone out there before December 31st, 2012.

Now if you really want to get excited…

  • There has been $2,425,805,340 in total volume closed since January 1st.
  • That works out to $10,065,582 each day or real estate volume

To avoid any controversy here by using any specific commission percentages, multiply that number by your broker’s average gross commission income (GCI) and then divide it in half to represent the two sides of the transaction. Now divide that number by the 119 closed sides each day from above and that is how much each commission check has been on average.

What would you do with that money? That is how much might be available 119 times each day for the rest of the year*.

What are you waiting on? Today is the perfect day to start reaching out to find your next client.

Your family is counting on you!

*Results may vary based on your local statistics and market results. All data used in this post was taken from the CBR MLS on the day of this posting and is only being used to prove a point. That point – There’s a lot of business out there.

Photo Credit: David Boyle via Creative Commons   




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