Stuck on Semantics

Too many people seem to let words slow them down. Sometimes we get hung up on the word, title or generic definition of something and it keeps us from seeing possibilities, opportunities or potential victories.

Tradition certainly seems to cloud our judgement in situations when how we have “always done something” stops us from trying a new way.

When is a computer not a computer?

What kind of computer do you have? A Dell? An IBM? A Sony Vaio?

Is it a desk top or a lap top?

Some of you are probably saying to yourself, “I don’t have a computer. I have a Mac.” My guess is you even said it with pride. It seems that Steve Jobs and his Apple Nation have not accepted the generic term of “computer.” No, they don’t have a PC. They have a Mac! (Exclamation point not needed but added by Apple Nation just to emphasize the point)

Mac users are proud. They are territorial. They are passionate. They will wait in long lines. They will chime in on message boards and social streams to encourage the inquiring consumer asking “what kind of computer should I get?” with shouts of “don’t buy a computer. Invest in a Mac.”

Can you watch movies or create spread sheets on a computer or a Mac? Yep.

Can you listen to music, edit movies or play games on a computer or a Mac? Yep.

Can you do business on a computer or a Mac? Yep.

It’s just semantics.

Tim Tebow vs. every traditional Quarterback in the history of football

Full disclosure: I am a University of Florida graduate and huge Gators fan. I like all things Florida. I am a huge Tim Tebow fan – both athletically and personally. If my daughter Riley marries someone like Tim Tebow, I would be a happy man. 

I understand that many people don’t like Tim Tebow but I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because of his faith? Maybe it’s because of his school boy good looks and manners? Maybe they just have a problem with Florida (or Denver or the NY Jets)? Maybe because their son will never be as athletic and humble as him? Or maybe it’s because they themselves have never been as athletic and humble as him?

Perhaps it’s because they don’t like the media pushing his “success” or religion down their throat? – [that is a different argument – not with Tebow but the journalist and networks whose job it is to sell advertising and gain viewers]

People can argue all season long whether Tim Tebow is a good, great or mediocre quarterback. Trust me, he will never be confused with Tom Brady or Drew Brees or Hall of Famers like Roger Staubach or Terry Bradshaw and I don’t think he wants to be. Except in one category – Super Bowl Champion.

Tim Tebow has aspirations and dreams to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. 

Between now and then he wants to be the best person he can be, make his family proud, try to make his teammates and those he is around better, represent his faith and have a chance to compete for the starting job.

Think Like Apple

Would people think of Tebow differently if he was called a “Snap Taker”?

Not a quarterback, but a “Snap Taker.” There are no Snap Takers in the NFL. Never have been but maybe Tebow would be the first.

He’s not a PC. He’s a Mac.

Tom Brady and Drew Brees take the snap from the center and hand off, pass or run the ball. Tim Tebow does the same thing. 

Maybe we just need to change what we call him – the first “Snap Taker” in the NFL.

Would that change people’s opinions?

It’s just semantics.

How’s Business?

Most successful agents generate business each day by building relationships, solving problems and having fun. They actively focus on talking to people who may have a need for real estate assistance or know someone who does.

It is the lifeblood of a successful real estate business yet it will never happen automatically.

A real estate professional must make a conscious decision or take action to make the phone ring, have a website generate a lead or cause someone to visit an open house. Referrals don’t happen in a vacuum. There must be something that happens that will cause business to happen.

Most people I know in this business don’t like to prospect for business. They will do anything to avoid “being pushy”, seeming desperate or using a canned script. Maybe they are embarrassed to be a salesperson? Whatever it is, they would do anything other than proactively build their business.

But if you ask them if they mind “lead generating” or “business development,” they shrug and say “it’s okay” or “I could do that.”

It’s just semantics.

“Tomaytoe” – “Tomahtoe.”  It’s really up to you. 

When the ball gets snapped, are you going to worry about your throwing motion or are you going to find a way to score?

What are you going to do today?



Tebow Photo Credit: JeffreyBeall


photo by: cking
One Response to Stuck on Semantics
  1. Will Gilliam
    July 16, 2012 | 1:08 pm

    People can say what they want about Tebow, and they do. He has the heart of a CHAMPION, and he is a CLASS ACT! I just wish the Dallas Cowboys would of picked him up.
    MAC’s ROCK!!!! I am a new Mac guy and am now drinking the cool aid.