What’s Your “At Bat” Song?

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

It’s easy to dream about being a world-class athlete. We watch them on our television screens or live in person at the stadiums, arenas or golf courses. We find ourself imagining what it would be like to be in the spotlight.

When I used to be in the golf profession I was asked often when I was going to “go on Tour.” I would usually laugh it off because the gap between a local club-level assistant pro and a PGA Tour player is enormous. (It seems even farther now with the current state of my golf game but that’s for a different blog post).

I would sometimes ask my inquisitor what they did for a living.

“I’m an attorney”

“Do you think you’re a good attorney?”

“Yeah, one of the best in my firm,” they would reply.

I asked “would you say you’re one of the best in the city of Cleveland?”

“Hard to say,” they responded. “There really isn’t a way to rank attorneys”

“Would you say you’re one of the best attorneys in the state of Ohio? Or the midwest? Or the United States?” I asked.

“Well, when you put it like that Sean, probably not.”

It was at that point in the conversation that I would explain that to be on the PGA Tour you have to be among the top 125 golfers…IN THE WORLD!!! Just making the Tour each year doesn’t assure you of anything. It just gives you a chance to compete each week against your fellow peers.

That really put into perspective how hard it is to reach the top of your field, doesn’t it?

Do you feel you’re one of the best Realtors, managers, brokers, loan officers, title reps or employees in your company? Local association? State? Industry?

You Can Be a Major Leaguer

I went to a AAA baseball game last night here in Columbus. I took my son Ryan to the game between our hometown Columbus Clippers and the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs. It was Coldwell Banker Night at the ballpark and it was also “Dime a Dog Night.”

As we enjoyed a gorgeous night at Huntington Park it was fun to listen to each players “At Bat Music.” If you haven’t been to a big league game in a while, each player selects an intro song” that the PA system will blare as they approach their turn at bat. It is usually something new and popular but sometimes is an older song from the rock or country genres. It got me thinking…

What if Realtors used “at bat songs” for different parts of their jobs? Here’s some suggestions for some of the people I know in our industry…

After Midnight (Eric Clapton) – This could be your ringtone for those pesky clients who don’t respect your personal time and call at all hours of the night to check on things that could be handled just as easily at 9am.

Back in Black (AC/DC) – Played as you walk into your accountant’s office each spring in hopes that your final tax return shows you are “in the black” and profitable for another year.

Better Man (Pearl Jam) – A perfect song when you are competing for that listing with Joe Overprice from Slippery Slope Realty.

Call Me (Blondie) – Working the “phone duty” desk? Why not encourage the phone to ring with this classic?

Only In My Dreams (Debbie Gibson) – Meeting with first time Buyers? Play this song as they start describing what they are looking for.

Everybody Wants You (Billy Squier) – Crank this one up as you come back from a day off and start to check your voice mails and emails.

Meeting with a Seller who doesn’t have enough equity in their home to break even? How about Randy Newman’s Short People?

Nosy neighbors interrupting you at your Open House and getting in the way of your opportunity to meet potential buyers? Might I suggest Don’t Come Around Here No More (Tom Petty)?

Eight Days a Week (The Beatles) – Played anytime you ask a client when they would like you to be available.

Hells Bells (AC/DC) – This song kicks in at that moment the lender leaves you a message saying “We might have hit a small snag in the underwriting process. Can you call me?”

I Melt With You (Modern English) – Ever have to show those bank owned properties that have been closed up with no utilities? They can get a bit warm, huh? “Go ahead, Mr. Buyer. I’ll be right here on the porch

It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere (Alan Jackson) – No explanation for this song. It should be “on demand” any time, all the time.

The Seller asks you to reduce your commission (Shakedown Street by The Grateful Dead). You pause, frown and then politely say I Can’t Go There (Kenny Chesney). The Seller continues to push for a reduction so you hit them with the medley of Respect (Aretha Franklin), Rehab (Amy Winehouse – just the part where she says “no, no, no“) then, as you walk out of the listing appointment, Hit the Road Jack (Ray Charles).

And on those days when you just want to feel good about yourself as tyou head in to work, choose between Rockstar (Nickelback) or All Star (Smashmouth).

What would be your “at bat song”? Share a few in the comments below.

Until your next time up, keep building relationships, solving problems and having fun.



One Response to What’s Your “At Bat” Song?
  1. David Marine - Coldwell Banker
    June 26, 2012 | 1:26 pm

    Love this post and it’s a topic often discussed by former athletes who have dreamed about stepping up to the plate. In fact my wife & I were at the Mets/Yanks game on Sunday night and Mets player Justin Turner has “Call Me Maybe” as his at bat music because he was dared to do so and stuck with it.

    If I had to choose I might rotate between the Imperial March from Star Wars & Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. The first strikes fear in your heart & the fulfillment of the latter is what allows me to play the first.

    Great post Sean.