Pick a Shell, Any Shell

Some people can be very selective while others just grab anything in arm’s reach and move on. Some might be that “special type” that might go with others they have found in the past. Others aren’t as picky, planting themselves in a spot and waiting for something decent to come their way.

You’ll see some early risers who like to get out and begin their search before the sun appears over the horizon while plenty of others will wait until a more reasonable hour. The neat part is it doesn’t really matter when you start because the way everything cycles, there are always some great finds.

You might see some people with fancy tools and gizmos to find the “perfect one” while others just walk along using local knowledge and that special “feeling” to find ones that will work.

There are big ones, little ones, some that stand out and others that are dime a dozen but each one is unique in its own way. First impressions might fool you and upon closer inspection you will wish you hadn’t gone out of your way for them.

But the good news is there will always be enough for everyone who is searching for them. 

I’m talking about the millions of shells on Sanibel Island (or any beach in the world) and the people who collect them but I could easily be talking about potential clients (buyers, sellers, investors, etc.) and the Realtors looking for them.

You never know what you might find on your next search so get off your butt, apply some sun block and get out there.

Sometimes you just have to say, “What the shell!”



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