Monthly Archives: August 2008

All the Ingredients We Need

You’ll probably never see an episode of Emeril Live or Bobby Flay’s Boy Meets Grill where they spend the hour making good old fashioned peanut butter and jelly, beef broth or scrambled eggs. The Food Network also supplies them with unlimited ingredients, tremendous equipment and materials to supplement their skills and a fabulous facility in…

A New Way to Look at the Housing "Crisis"?

As the local and national media continues to pound away at the dreaded state of real estate in our country, check out this very simple, easy to understand viewpoint from CNBC’s Dennis Neale. Re-Framing the Housing Crisis

Protecting Our Assets

Are you like most people in today’s tightening economy? Trying to save a buck here or there? Do you find yourself combining trips so you don’t have to drive any further than needed? At $3.89+ per gallon of gasoline, that’s a wise move. (It’s still not as expensive as bottled water per gallon but it’s…